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Healthaccessories.com has everything you need to keep your eyeglasses clean, comfortable and protected.  We carry a stylish selection of chains and cords that make great additions for your glasses and sunglasses.

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Eyeglass Repair Tips:


Eyeglasses can be repaired easily at home with inexpensive eyeglass repair kits. Instead of buying new frames, you can make the ones you have fit comfortably and properly with a simple little eyeglass repair kit. 

Eyeglass repair kits may include nose pads. Nose pads are applied where needed to cushion your skin and keep eyeglasses from slipping. There are a number of different kinds of nose pads: peel and stick foam nose pads, silicone nose pads, and wrap around nose pads.

You might save hundreds of dollars by using an eyeglass repair kit or nose pads. A little trial and error with an inexpensive little eyeglass repair kit or some nose pads will usually solve the problem with your eyeglass frames.